Burns to Bollywood - an intercultural feast for the senses

Internationally known for his poems and writings, Robert Burns would have no doubt enjoyed the singing of his songs and poetry recitals as good food, music, poetry and bhangra dance were on display in Leith, Edinburgh at Santosa Cafe and Wellness Centre.

Celebrating Scotland' s national bard Robert Burns in the unique Building Bridges way with song, dance and great food.  Poppy, Fran and other willing volunteers all served up a tasty supper with vegan haggis pakora, with traditional oatcakes, lentils, pickled cabbage and yogurt. The pickled cabbage was a hit amongst the audience all tucking into the tasty meal.

Performances were enchanting and so much fun.  From poetry to singing, acoustic guitar playing to an energetic and contemporary and Bollywood dance. The enthusiasm fueled by community and connections, laughter and learning combined into intriguing performances.

Organised by the trustees of Building Bridges, Pall and the "two Colins", brought together new Scots and introduced them to the cultural mix of Scots with Indian infused flavours. It was another wonderful and captivating evening of intercultural intentions, making connections and celebrations with Building Bridges.

Cultural differences? Yes, but it was an uplifting fusion of cultural experiences of people and a community having a good time.  This left us all feeling happy as had a truly memorable, enjoyable and fun intercultural evening.